There is a bit of surprise for some Adsense publishers who are expecting money in March this year.

If you log in to your adsense account and check your payment history, do not be surprised if you see “Check Stopped – Earnings Credited Back”, or worse if you submitted your check to the bank, a ‘Stop Payment’ would be issued.

Well, all this is due to Adsense bug and this was clarified by a Google Employee.

This means you need to wait for one more month to get your check.


If you were one of the publishers who ended up with your AdSense account on hold for payments due to an AdSense bug, you were reassured that payments would be processed to be included at the end of February. Originally, the payments were to  be included in the payments at the end of February. However, because Google had to remove these holds manually, it seems as though this wasn’t done until after the February 15th cut off time. So what does this mean for affected publishers?  You have to wait another month to receive your payment due to Google’s bug, according to AdSensePro Jen.
Yes, so now Google’s bug means you have to wait until the end of March for those payments.  Still no word on how many publishers are affected or if perhaps some of them made the February 15th cut off so they will get their payments at the end of February as the original post implied, but the new post by AdSensePro Jen seems to say that all affected publishers didn’t have their account’s fixed until after the payment cut off deadline.

If you were affected, you should be able to login to your AdSense account and check your payment history to see when the bug was fixed for your account, and if it looks like your payment from your December earnings made the end of February payment or not.

AdsensePro William.

This is ok for small time publishers, but if you are one of those who rely on these checks to fulfill some commitments, then you might want to check some other alternatives.



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