Check The Availability Of Your Desired User Name

Whenever we log into a social networking site or our email account, we have to verify ourselves by our user name and password. This user name is extremely important and is unique for every user for every account.

When we register ourselves with any networking site, we have to give in a desired user name and most of the times we see that the user name we wish to have for us is already taken. This can be extremely annoying and you might go on trying for the next one you want. This hassle can now be removed by checking for the availability of our user name through the website called NameChk.


This website searches for availability of our user name just not for a single site but for all the social networking sites. The website includes around eighty networking sites, bookmarks and other pages requiring a user name.

The implementation is extremely simple. You just have to input the desired user name and then click on the “chk” button. The website checks for its availability through different sites and displays the results in just a matter of seconds. Results are highlighted as green and red, with the former indicating availability and the latter indicating already been taken.


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