Check The Strength Level Of Your Passwords With Password Checker

We normally use passwords to safeguard our personal and confidential information stored in our PC or various other online accounts from being accessed by others. Most of us create passwords which are normally related to our life like birthday, anniversary, names of our loved ones etc. Such passwords are quite easy to guess and can be cracked by anyone by gathering a few details of your life.

A technically strong password is one which contains a minimum of 14 characters which include an ideal combination of uppercase/ lowercase alphabets, symbols and numbers. In order to protect your identity better, Microsoft has come up with Password Checker, an exceptional online service. This service helps you check the strength and security level of your proposed password.

After creating a password, if you are worried about the strength of your password, all you need to do is, go to the Microsoft Password Checker and verify it yourself. This freeware is quite simple to use.

You simply need to type your password into the text box provided and it will instantly indicate the strength rating of your password i.e. weak/medium/strong or best. Within its disclaimer statement, the Redmond Company has stated that Microsoft Password Checker does not store, collect or transmit any confidential passwords typed in by the user while checking.


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