Check The Transfer Speed Of Real Time On Media Drives With HD Speed

Do you often wonder about the speed of the data that is being transferred from media drives to your host PC or vice versa? 

Host compliance device like USB 2.0 supports maximum 480 Mbps transferring speed, but because of overhead and losses, none of them touches that speed in the real world. Now to satisfy your curiosity to know more about the transfer speed of your SATA hard disk (Serial ATA) or your USB pen drive, you can download software called HD Speed.



HD Speed will generate a graphical representation of the average and current transfer speed for every single time. It is a self executable file which means once you download the file, you can run it without installing the file in the system. To make a better use of it according to your preferences, there are lots of options to choose from.

When the softwares works as a quick comparison, it eats up 80 KB which can be taken from USB pen drive for benchmarking. To cover all size of data’s automatically, select the option or set the settings to Auto mode. Once all the settings are set, click start and your work is done.


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