Check Your Bangalore City Traffic Violation Online

Seems Like Bangalore City Traffic Management is getting better day-by-day. Recently I wrote about how you can check online if you have violated any traffic rules in Bangalore.

I checked if my bike/car had any violation registered, and luckily none (honestly I am not a person who’d break rules unles extremely necessary), and also I’ve not been in Bangalore for a real long time now and not sure for how long this service has been active.

I bumped into Srirams this post, where Sriram shares his personal experience, and also mentions about . I wonder how the Bangalore traffic police got Srirams number ?

Seems like they are aggressively making use of technology to fine all those who are violating good the traffic rules, but it is debatble if this is a fool proof method.

Rashmi Ranjan put forth an interesting point which certainly is a loop hole that needs to be addressed.

My concerns are slightly different:

1> If you’ve lived in Bangalore, then you know how deep the corruption has taken over the system, especially traffic cops, you just know what I mean.

Now what if the cops frame you for not giving them bribe when they expect you to for silly reasons ? No one’s watching them, and the system believes what they have to say. So if you refuse to ‘pay’ on the spot, they can always go update the database with a false violation which you never commited. Not everyone will do that, but the probability of this case is certainly high !

2> What happens if you never plan to sell your vehicle ? Is there a backtrack mechanism to tracks all those who have violated traffic rules and ensure they pay for their mistakes ?

A few more questions that needs to be still addressed, like the one by Rasjmi Ranjan.

Putting a new system in execution is good, but the system is far from being fool proof ! I am really happy that they have started something, but they should remember starting is not everything, they also have to work towards making it effective – I guess they should hire some good Business Analyst (aka Me :) ), for this job !

My 2 cents ..

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