So you are a constantly-on-the-move head of a large multinational corporation and your job necessitates that you need to have powerful computing abilities, communication tools and entertainment aids with you wherever you are. But you can’t carry bulky gadgets and hence want a compact device.

Your should go for the mobile which can be said to be the king of the mobile world, the Blackberry 7100 g. Priced at about $399 the 7100g offers you everything that you might desire in ultra-compact size giving you style as well as power. Surprisingly, the 7100g doesn’t have a built in camera. But it makes up by being capable of handling ten e-mail accounts, has a built in speakerphone, onboard memory of 32 MB, a complete QUERTY keyboard and completely wireless in terms of bluetooth capability. As a CxO on the move this phone can take care of all your secretarial and administrative tasks.


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