For a decade now, Citizen’s Eco Drive has been breaking the boundaries of ‘perpetually powered watches’, with their line of light-powered, duo hybrid and the very rare temperature-difference-powered watches.

The Super Chronograph is no different. Citizen has outdone itself with a 1/1000th second stopwatch that runs on light alone, goes for days without seeing the sun and even manages to remember how fast you ran each lap ~ The super complicated bezel markings serve many purposes, most of which you will never figure out or use, including figuring out your speed using the tachometer.What does come in handy though, is the 200m water resistance, titanium ruggedness and a sapphire crystal that needs a diamond to be scratched. To round it all up the watch comes with the standard bright blue backlight, a timer and an alarm-all this while making battery replacements a thing of the past.

Upside: The next best eco-friendly time machine is the sundial.

Flipside: Conventionally powered alternatives cost a fraction of the prive you have to pay for the Super Chronograph 1000.

You must but this if you want to wear the Space Station’s technology on your wrist and save the planet while you’re at it.
Source: Flylight


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