The Internet is buzzing with viruses and Trojans these days and everyday millions of people are getting affected with these viruses which are crashing down their system. For them, a new Antivirus is now available which is known as Clamwin Free Antivirus, that is absolutely free to download and can guarantee the total safety of your system.

This state of the art Antivirus software has a high detection rate for all the known and unknown viruses which makes it unique compared to other antivirus software which can only detect known viruses. It also has an inbuilt scanning scheduler through which, you can set up the time for your system scan; it also has automatic upload feature of its own, which keep tracks of new viruses which are created everyday by hackers and thus keep your system secure from new viruses.

This software, once installed gets attached automatically with Microsoft Outlook and if it finds any suspicious mail or a mail from an unknown source, it detects them instantly and scans them before you open these mails. In this way you can totally rely on this antivirus software as it happens many times with many computer users who open unknown mails and upload viruses without knowing it at all.

With Clamwin, you can now click on any mail you want as you don’t have to worry about the virus in these mails. The latest version of this software which is available on the web for downloading is the version 0.95.2.

The only disadvantage of this software is that although it automatically detects virus in your Microsoft Outlook but it does not have a real time scanner. You have to manually scan your system for viruses. This doesn’t mean that the computer will have viruses and you will be unaware of them as the antivirus will notify you about any suspicious or effected files in the scheduled scanning time set by you. So go ahead and surf the Internet with no worries at all.


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