Clean Up Your Desktop System by Using Fast Empty Folder Finder

Many a times, when we delete the files, computers, which tend to forget to delete the empty folders. This creates trouble when you are searching for certain files on your computers, as there are too many empty folders that you need to browse through.

By using the latest application namely Fast Empty Folder Finder, you will easily be able to check through the entire directories in your system, and it will display the list of all the empty folders deleted by it.

The setup is quite simple. First of all you need to browse for the particular folders that need to be scanned for empty folder, now click on ‘Search Now!’ to start the scanning. Once the scanning is completed, it will list out all the empty folders that are detected.

The good thing is that it permits you to preview the folder by marking off the directory links, so you don’t delete any important folder by mistake. By merely pushing the ‘Delete Checked Folders’ button, users can delete all the selected empty folders at one go.


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