Clicky Gone – The Quickest Way To Hide Open Applications

Many a times a computer user comes across an extremely congested screen because of the number of applications he/she is accessing. This can lead to a lot of confusion and you might end up closing the wrong application down. To help you out of this confusion you have Clicky Gone, a utility that helps you hide some of the open applications while you manage the rest more efficiently.

The best thing about this utility is that you can hide something from others view white it’s been running in the background. Suppose, you are watching something not required for your office job and your boss whizzes by, then this beautiful utility comes into act and helps you hide the irrelevant application and saves your job.

Clicky Gone is extremely useful but it has its limitations too. The user interface of this utility is not that great and can be driven only by your mouse and keyboard. To unhide or hide all running applications you just have to hit the Alt+Ctrl+F12 key. Hitting the Alt+Ctrl+Return keys enables you to hide some selective applications. It also mutes the sound of the running application along with hiding it.


You can restore the applications back on the screen by hitting the Alt+Ctrl+Space keys. The best part is that if the default keys are confusing then you can reconfigure them to your own liking.

The utility Clicky Gone is compatible with all versions of the Windows Operating System and can be downloaded easily that too for free. In order to download this utility for free visit the following link.


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