50 renowned scientists said you, every one of you, can be a world saver. A slight change in the way you lead your life, timely changes to replace / refurnish / refurbish worn out stuff machines around you, and opting to use cleaner fuel for burning purposes, are among some of the things you can do to improve the environment around you.

UNEP (Nairobi, Kenya) and Word¬†Meteorological¬†Organization (Geneva, Switzerland), two specialized organizations under United Nations say – some of these ‘small user activities‘ are responsible for as much as 30% of today’s climate change, which means, it is right right here in our hand to save that 30% impact on mother nature.

By controlling black carbon, methane and ground level ozone, you can improve various environmental factors, which has a spiral effect, which will automatically result in better farming, controlled rainfall around the globe, reduction in melting of glaciers and so on.

Major sources of :

Black Carbon: Burning fossil fuels, wood, low quality coal and biomass

Methane: Improper usage of oil, bad / sub-standard coal and waste treatment plants.

Ground-level Ozone: Defective vehicles which emit thick-dark clouds of exhaust gases is the major source.

If you think you are directly involved with any one of the above, and can make some difference, please go ahead and make that change in your / around you. Unless there is mass movement regarding climate change, no single committee, no convention and no nation can make any changes to the way our lives will be affected.


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