How close can you Zoom in Google Earth or ? Have you ever wondered what is the closest distance you can get to earth while using the zoom feature of Google earth or

If you haven’t ever wondered, haveĀ  a look at this:

Closest Image Of Earth On Google Maps And Google Earth

I was really surprised. The image above was taken from You can have a look at it here : Closest Photo Of Earth In Google Maps.

Now I wanted to know if this was the closest or if we could drill down further. It so happens that you can drill further !! For that you need to have Google Earth downloaded (which can be downloaded for free from here) and installed on your computer. If you have Google Earth installed, then open Google Earth and enter this value in the search box:

15.298499 19.429727

Once the image loads up, zoom in to see how deep you’ll go and you’ll be surprised too !! Tracking people like in Minority Report or Eagle Eye will be reality soon !

If you have any such interesting pictures that you have seen on Google Earth, do let us know in the comments so that we can put them up as well !



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