Online market analysis and companring product pricing has become an essential part of buying online. Searching and comparing of products in such a way so as to make the best bargains easily, has now become extremely easy, all thanks to ViewScore.

You need not spend your precious time poring over Consumer Reports or searching endlessly on the web looking or the pest products.

ViewScore aggregates hundreds of thousands of product reviews from all over the net, making note of an overall score that best projects general opinion of any product.

Here, users can further widen their search by looking into individual reviews for extra details and also find out where the least price is to buy products.

To be the early ones to learn about latest product news, they can subscribe to various alerts. Presently, ViewScore is concentrated on Gadgetry cameras, PDAs, computers etc.

In their words, “ViewScore develops a product search engine to provide users with consistent, uniform and easy to follow easy to compare product recommendations. ViewScore product ranking technology eliminates the time-consuming search process and enables consumers to find the most suitable products within the shortest time. Users can either move to the ‘where to buy’ phase or go directly to a merchant site to buy their products.”

All consumers search for the best deals, but do not wish to spend precious time doing research. ViewScore with its user friendly interface makes it headache free to use and get fast results.

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  2. @John – Thanks for your valuable suggestions. I’ll surely look into them and work to get them fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for your time.

  3. You should link to all the previous posts, in chronological order by date or from each post to the previous one, etc. or offer both:
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