So you have decided to get into wireless network and you are trying to learn as much as possible about the various terms used to refer to the components of the networks or even the networks themselves. These technical jargon may sound confusing and absurd in the initial days but you will soon get used to them and start enjoying throwing them at people and impressing them.

Here is a low down on some of the most frequently used Wi-Fi Jargon.

802.11. This is spoken as “eight-oh-two-dot-eleven” and is a commonly followed by an identification alphabet (a, b or g). You will come across this term frequently when you start learning about Wi-Fi technologies. This is basically the technical or the technological term which later became called as Wireless Fidelity and now described trendily as Wi-Fi. The term is used to specify a set of standards for unwired local area networks. Letters indicate the recency and presumably later versions and more advantageous and user friendly technologies.

Base Station. This is the core of a wireless network. This comprises of an antenna which transmits short range and low-powered radio waves which are detected by wireless devices operating within a specified distance. This is essentially what powers the network and provides access to the users.

Bluetooth. A term used to define a set of standards for wireless communication over very short distances, usually within 30 ft.

Hot spot. This is a place where users can access Wi-Fi networks. Used generally to point to various places where Wi-Fi networks are active such as coffee shops, airports, hotels etc. Depending on the rules of the establishment people how own Wi-Fi devices can access the internet free or for a fee.

LAN aka local area network. This is a traditional computing term used to refer to a group of computers either in the same premises or over couple of premises connected together through wires with or without a server. But now in Wi-Fi parlance the WLAN or the wireless local area network is commonly being used by taking away the cumbersome wires and installing a Wi-Fi receiver.

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). This is the term used to refer to secure Wi-Fi spots. A technique which has replaced older but more vulnerable technology which was referred to as Wireless Equivalent Privacy (WEP).


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