Compose Your Emails Now and Set Them to Be Sent On Future Dates

Are you planning to send a mail in future to your friends? Now you can set reminders for yourself to do with the help of Emailfuture service. It allows you to compose an e-mail today and set it for sending in the future. This can come handy to you, when you are working on your future plans whenever you are currently free. You would have to worry about remembering it.

All you need is to just enter specific date, when you want to deliver your mail. There is no need of any installation. You just write an e-mail and set the email future application, for that particular e-mail.  The rest will be taken care of by Emailfuture service. Now you can set an email as your future reminders.

What it means is, now you are equipped with latest technology to send or receive future emails. The recipients will get email by you on only on those specific dates that you set in that application to deliver in future.


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