Compress And Splits Files With Akhir Split Zip

Transferring and sending large files is not a cup of tea because it requires proper internet connection and consumes much time. When the speed of your internet connection is slow, then it really irritates you while sending huge files. 

What if you are in the middle of sending files and your connection gets disconnected frequently, and your client is requesting you to them as soon as possible? It is really the worst situation that you would never wish to experience.

Sometimes your email account prevents you to upload large sized files. In this situation, you would go for some web based services to send and transfer files. However, you can use the old method, which is known as splitting the large files into smaller parts and then sending them. 


In olden days, people often used to split the files into smaller sections to upload and transfer the files. So here is one of the popular and effective split application named, Akhir Spilt Zip, which splits files into multiple files.

There are many other split tools and application available over the web, but this one has improvised features, and it is completely free of cost to download and use. So this is the best solution of your problem regarding sending and transferring huge files. You just need to split them and the recipient will be able to merge them into one file.  


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