At times your system may turn off without warning, with-in a few minutes after it’s turned on. You may also get a popup which will prompt you to run the chkdsk. This might be because of some corrupt files or hard disk.

Chkdsk is an utility that will help you verify and fix if there are any errors related to files / folders / hard drive. Every Windows user sould make it a regular habit to run the ChkDsk command line utility once every fortnight. This ensures that all your files are intact and also helps in improving the performance of your Windows based PC / Laptop.

At times, your system might turn off abruptly because of a power failure or a virus that shuts your system without you initiating the shut down process. In such cases, the system will auto run-the chkdsk process when the system restarts, and the process looks somewhat like this :

System Turns Off Automatcially - Corrupt File - Run Chkdsk

If you want to manually run chkdsk command, then follow these steps:

1> Click Start –> Run –> type cmd –> click OK

2> A command prompt opens, type in chkdsk c: /f /r . In the command, /f command will automatically fix the errors if there are any and /r command locates all the bad sectors and recovers readable information from there.

Once the chkdsk command is completed successfully, restart your system and your system will perform faster and better.


  1. my computer is an asshole for shutting off last night….. windows xp…whateva!! 🙁 WTF!! It better turn on tonight or i will be mad!!

  2. Ok, but how can I do a complete reinstall of windows without the disc? Would I have to go out and buy one or could I borrow one from my Dad?

  3. @Elli – If it is a refurbished computer, then you are better of formatting the complete system and install Windows from start. If there is any important data use a secondary back-up device to store the data temporarily. I doubt if there is any issue with the hardware, so a complete re-install should help.

  4. yeah there’s a slight problem with that – my computer was bought as a “new/refurbished” one from Future Shop and windows was already installed on it. Any other ideas?

  5. @Elli – Seems like some of your Windows files are missing. Assuming that you have your Windows CD which was used for installation, run the CD again. It’ll install the missing files and it should work fine.

  6. I have a similar problem with my computer – it’s been nothing but a freakin’ nightmare since I bought the thing!! Latest is the screen suddenly goes black and nothing will respond. Even tried hard booting it – 3rd time it worked but now has a pop up that says “atisvc_bjnuuckr.exe – corrupt file” also states “windows\system 32\cdivacpon\cache\S-1-5-21-1823272385-……..” I’ve tried the chkdsk thing atleast 8 times now. It comes up saying it needs to access all windows files and the only option it gives is to scedule it to do this at the next reboot. So I’ve rebooted it. It goes to the blue screen above mentioned in your article but then disappears completely. The pop up is back! Any ideas?? Elli


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