Configure Your Keyboard To Control Cursor Movements In Windows Vista

Most of us are very much dependent on the mouse for controlling the cursor on GUI (Graphical User Interface) of our PC. Have you ever thought of controlling the cursor movements without using a mouse? You might like to give it a thought to prevent yourself from being stuck in the middle of an important task due to some problem with your mouse.

However, if you are a Windows Vista user, you need not worry as Vista allows you to configure your keyboard and control the movements of the cursor using numeric keys. Although, you won’t be as comfortable as you are while using a mouse, it is certainly a trick worth learning as it would definitely help incase of an emergency.


You need to use the below mentioned steps.

  • Click on the “Start” button to open the Start Menu. Go to “Control Panel” and open “Ease of Access”.
  • Click on the option that helps you in making the use of mouse easier.
  • Check or tick the checkbox corresponding to the option for turning on mouse keys. Now, click on the link that allows you to set mouse keys.
  • You will be prompted with a window in which you can configure or set the mouse keys as per your preference. The window includes various options such as turning on mouse keys, setting pointer speed, configuring whether the mouse keys should be used when the NUM LOCK is ON or OFF, etc.


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