Get Connected to Internet with Symantec GoEverywhere Online Workspace

Symantec releases new beta version in market named, Symantec GoEverywhere. It is little bit similar to Microsoft live Workspace and huddle Online Workspace. However Symantec GoEverywhere is more secure online internet web space or hub which allows users to use online application wherever they are, or whichever computer they are using.

Users can get access to multiple web applications such as WordPress, Spreadsheet, Gmail, Presentation slides, etc. Users can use all these web applications easily without any barrier of place or time.

The entire web applications will be consolidated into one palette which is known as webtop screen by Symantec. Its mechanism is very simple to understand, usually all applications will be compiled in one place. Once you sign-on, you will be enabled to use all these applications instantly instead of toggling secretly. There is specific feature named, Go data center which allows users to store their data securely in storage center of Symantec GoEverywhere.

This workspace is especially designed to target tiny businesses and individuals in order to provide hassle free and low cost web access for their routine work. It is really an economical alternative to the users who want to mange their computing work under limited budget. There is no need to invest substantial money to purchase extra software and applications. Users will get all kind of support with this Goeverywhere online workspace to manage their online work with low budget.

Since this workspace has valuable security features, users (commercial users) can use this service freely. It means there is no need to get too worried about their confidential data getting lost or leaked.

The current economic situations seem to be getting very tough and heading towards downturn, and so in that case it will be the most economical way to manage business activities. This one is another big reason of its popularity in current business market.

However non-commercial users also can use this workspace for their personal computing work. It is quite useful from all perspectives whether commercial purpose or non-commercial purpose.

Currently Symantec beta version is free, however there is a special monthly subscription package is also available for users.

Key features of Symantec GoEverywhere:

Private Online Workspace

Latest Symantec GoEverywhere is featured with Tag based navigation technology which provides simple, responsive and familiar workspace to the users.

Online Application repertoire

You can choose your own favorite applications and media content from plethora of different applications. There is no trouble of installation. You can easily get free applications and other important contents from web on your demand. You will be notified when new application arrives on web.

Zero Management

There is no need to install and update any applications because experts and professionals of Symantec GoEverywhere workspace efficiently manage and keep secure your data.

Single Safe Password

Here you need to enter one time password to get access your entire applications. You just need to sign-on to Symantec GoEverywhere, and with your single password to get access your applications and other stored objects instantly.


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