Connect Your Laptop Or Desktop Computer To The Internet Using Airtel GPRS

Airtel has started with a GPRS service to enable laptop and desktop PC users to get connected to the internet. You can access Airtel GPRS 24×7 and it offers various schemes at reasonable rates. You may choose a preferred plan from the several data plans available, depending upon your usage.

However, there are many users who face problems while connecting mobile GPRS and computer to access the internet. As Airtel doesn’t provide the users with any kind of technical assistance, the below mentioned procedure for connecting to the internet using Airtel GPRS turns out to be pretty helpful. The tutorial offers a complete procedure including installation and settings.



Before you start with the activation of GPRS service on your handset, you need to ensure that your mobile phone has a balance of at least Rs. 250. You need to also keep in mind that, from second month onwards, Airtel will deduct Rs. 250 every month from your balance towards GPRS charges.

First of all, in order to activate GPRS service on your handset, you need to dial 121 which is the customer care number of Airtel. After placing a request for activation of GPRS, the service will get activated on your handset within 2 to 3 days. Once you get GPRS service activated, Airtel will send GPRS settings to your phone. You need to simply save and enable the settings.



To get internet connected to your PC, all you need is a phone with GPRS service activated on it, a laptop or a desktop computer and a data cable in order to connect your phone to your desktop computer or laptop. You may also connect your phone to your computer using infrared or Bluetooth feature. Follow the simple steps mentioned below.  

  1. You need to first install the data cable driver software or mobile software on your system. You will normally find the software in a CD.
  2. Run the Phone’s software by double-clicking on it.
  3. Look for internet settings options. Enable the below mentioned options with the corresponding settings. 
  4. “Connecting Device” will be “Your mobile modem”
    “Phone Number” will be “Your mobile number”
    “ISP Name” will be “Airtel”
    “Username” and “Password” options have to be left blank

  5. Click on “Connect” so as to get connected to Airtel GPRS.


According to Airtel, you can achieve a maximum internet speed of 115.2 KBPS using Airtel GPRS but it is noticed that the actually speed is much slower then this. It takes a lot of time to even open a website. This is the reason why people are more inclined towards Reliance GPRS or other broadband plans as compared to Airtel.


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