One of the biggest criticism Google faces is that they invade into users privacy. And one of their latest product Buzz, had some real concerning issues. Which was addressed after a lot of users complained – thanks to netocracy.

So what’s Google doing to address the concerns of privacy issue ? They have come out with a new simple Privacy policy – which claims Transparency and Choice.

View this video to better opinion, and yes please do go through the comments and real concerns of real people:

So, the debate if Google is actually spying on your privacy is inconclusive. Depends on what the users definition of Privacy is, which of course changes from person to person, as it is need-felt based.


  1. Hello all

    Well check this trick out

    Yes that was my IP they were sending across the internet and you get a 204 reply and no one seems to know what Google is doing.

    Now we all know FireFox is owned in all but name by Google and FireFox even has Crome folders in the AppData but have you noticed Wiki being at the top of most google result pages ????????????

    Little strange you might think but after watching my logs using fiddler i can confilm that FireFox is downloading the first link in google page results when using FireFox and is not just doing a DNS lookup on the name 🙁

    Yeah thats right the whole bloody page and even you can even see calls out to add servers from the hidden page they load.

    Myself i liked wiki but after this they are on my block list.


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