Convert Any Documents to PDF Files with DoPDF

Nowadays, PDF files are being used almost in every home and office because of its stability and less hard disk consuming features. If you want to create PDF files, then you must have licensed software such as Framemaker to generate the PDF files. However, if you are a non commercial user, then having licensed software puts extra burden on your budget.

In such a situation, you wish to have simple tool that allows you to create PDF files. There is tiny application named DoPDF, which enables users to make their own PDF files easily. It converts all documents to PDF format so that you can enjoy benefits of PDF files at no additional efforts.

This convenience is very simple to use and all you’ll have to do is just download and install on your computer. You’ll just have to navigate to File> Print and later, you will notice a new “Printer” option with name called “DoPDF v6” on your screen.

To continue converting process, click on “OK”, it will convert and store the converted files in prescribed folder. It is especially beneficial in case you need to share any document with your friends or colleagues. Until your document is in PDF format, you can be sure that no one can edit it. So, if you think that it is a useful tool, then opt for it and download from here.

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