Convert Kodak Photo Compact Disc Format To JPEG Using Pcdtojpeg

The Kodak camera takes snaps in (PCD) Kodak Photo Compact Disc format, which is totally multi- resolution format. Since these snaps are in different formats, users find it difficult to convert these files into other supported formats such as JPEG, BMP, etc using different photo editors. Users cannot upload PCD files to any photo sharing websites due to unsupported format. Moreover, users cannot export images into presentation slides easily. The only solution is converting these PCD files into supported file formats to use photos for uploading or sharing.

There are several photo editors and graphic converter tools available over the web. However, some of them follow complex procedures to convert PCD files to JPEG or other supported files. One of the most useful and effective converters is pcdtojpeg that converts files easily. This application is under the license of GNU and it is used as the conversion program of pcd files to jpeg files.  It supports almost all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Users need to download this application on their system to avail the services of this useful application. It is completely free of cost, and converts pcd files and jpeg files without altering the resolution and image quality.  Additionally, it extracts all metadata during the converting process so the converted files don’t lose any relevant information. If you find it suitable and useful then download its latest version 1.0.2 on your system for free.


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