Convert Microsoft office files online

For the office users Microsoft office is out with new extensions such as .docx for Microsoft words and .pptx for Microsoft presentation. While you need to have Microsoft office 2007 along with Microsoft office 2010 in your machine so as to open open .docx or .pptx files.

Well this sometimes makes it very difficult to work with but not anymore, because you can convert the files like .pptx to .ppt and .docx to .doc online. The process of converting the files is mentioned below:

Zamzar is an online service provider that helps you to convert the file to your desired file format in no time. The basic features of Zamzar are mentioned below:

  • You can convert the compressed files to any other formats
  • With Zamzar you can also convert video files to your desired formats
  • Even you can convert your favourite music files to any other music formats
  • If you want you can even change your image formats.
  • Any kind of documents can be changed to any other type of formats.
  • The .pptx files can be converted to .odp, .pdf, .swf, .pcx, .png, .ps and many more file formats.
  • And last but not the least you can convert the .docx files to .pcx, .ps, .doc, .odt, .txt and many more formats.


With Zamzar converting a file into other formats is way more easy and reliable. You just upload the file you want to convert and click the button called convert and your work is done.


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