Convert PDF To Text Files In Bulk Using Free Ease PDF To Text Extractor V1.10

By using Ease PDF to Text Extractor v1.10, you can convert bulk amount of PDF format files into the text files by means of a few easy clicks. This software utility has a user friendly GUI and you can convert several PDF files within few simple steps.

Firstly, you need to just select all the PDF files that you have to covert. After that, you have to confirm the output folder for storing all the converted files. When you are done with these simple tasks, you’ll need to click on the button named ‘Convert’ to proceed with the conversion process.

One great thing about this utility is you can add any number of PDF files as you like and the software converts them all at one go, and in just few seconds. Nevertheless, this software will not work for the PDF files which are scanned or image files, which is pretty much the same case with other converter software.

This software utility can be installed and it runs in all the Windows operating system versions like the Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista OS. It takes an only 2.24MB of the disk space, and it is quite useful to be installed in your PC system, so that you can use it anytime.


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