Quick Media Converter is the software which can be used to convert audio and video files from one format to another. The software can be interfaced to webcam and digital camera to capture and register images and video. The program has the additional feature of setting up the conversion parameters such as the codecs, sampling frequency and the screen dimensions.

The software is very versatile and powerful. Most of the formats are supported by default and there is no need for any plug-ins or add on. The software caters to different user levels. A standard user can make use of the default settings and complete the conversion in 3 to 5 mouse clicks while a more informed user can customize the options to have what he wants.

Though the program creates standard AVI files, it can be converted to streaming flash video formats without much effort. The program can be effectively used for building tutorials with the inputs coming from the screen, the webcam, camcorder and a digital camera.

There is also a good help menu and FAQ session for those who find it difficult to install and use this software. Quick Media Converter is available free of cost with no strings attached. There are no trial versions, no restrictions and your images and videos are not engraved with any kind of logo.

[ Download Quick Media Converter ]


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