Jing is a free software that can be used for screen capturing. I have reviewed a list of free screen capturing videos which you can use. Those who choose to go with Jing you should know that if you use the free version then the videos recorded will be stored in .SWF format.

The disadvantage of this format is that you cannot upload the recorded sessions to most of the video sharing sites as this is not a supported format. The videos should be converted to other formats like .AVI or .MOV before you can upload the videos.

I have written a tutorial how to convert .SWF to .AVI format. This way you can record sessions and then convert those sessions to a format that can be uploaded and share it with the world.

There is one catch with free version of Jing and that is you cannot record a video beyond 5 mins at one go. In order to create longer videos using Jing:

1> Create the videos in batches,

2> Convert all the videos .AVI format,

3> Use windows video maker to combine the different parts and upload it to your favorite video sharing site.


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