Convert Text On Any Website To Speech With This Free Software

Internet Text Speaker is a fantastic software program which can be used to convert the text on any website to speech. The program works with both the popular browsers such as internet explorer and Firefox. On installation of the program it gets integrated into the browser. In the case of Firefox, the program gets into the context menu.

For converting the text to speech, one has to select the specific portion of the text by highlighting the same on the website and right click the mouse button and select Speak Text from the drop down menu. The program will start reading the text for you. The program is a boon for those who have better listening skills than reading skills on the language.

While listening to the text you can make various adjustments such as volume, read rate, voice and many other parameters. This program is the right choice if you want someone to read out the web page to you. The program finds application in cases where someone is not able to read and understand the text on the website.

This fantastic software is a freeware and is downloadable free of cost. Currently only English language is supported though there are plans to include the other languages in future versions.

[ Download Internet Text Speaker ]

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