How To Convert Your Windows 7 Login Screen

Windows 7 is the latest version of operating system which allows users to personalize their desktops easily. The biggest advantage of windows 7 operating system is that it allows you to customize your login screens with your preferred images and wallpapers.

In earlier operating system such as windows XP and vista users needed to use third party application to select any default windows pictures to set on the login screens. However you can change windows 7 login screen with 7LogonChanger freeware.

This freeware allows you to change your windows 7 login screens according to your personal tastes and preferences. You just need to select an image and set it as login screen background in 7Logon changer.   

Once you change the settings and set your desired images in 7Logon Changer, it will automatically execute it when you restart your system. This customization utility tool is the best tool for you.


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