Convert Your Files To Websites For Sharing Using File2.Ws

There are several ways to share files with others however, if you want to share files quickly and instantly then free web service named, is the best alternative. It allows you to convert your files to WebPages link so that you can easily share them. There is no need to signup for any account or installing software and you just need to convert your files to websites and share them with others. 

You just need to visit and browse for particular files that you intend to share. Now select the “Start Conversion” option and the conversion process will be executed immediately. After finishing the conversion process, you will get a webpage link that can be shared with others instantaneously.

This free web based service is useful from all perspectives whether it is for sender or receiver. Being a sender you can easily share your files, whereas recipients will also get rid of troublesome process to view the received files. Recipients can easily view and save the files to their local drives by a single click. 

The best part of this free web service is that you can share all kinds of files easily such as audio, document, image, programming, and many more. The maximum limit of files that can be allowed to convert is 15 MB.

Since this is a web based service, it mainly depends on your broadband connection speed. If you have stable connection, then uploading and conversion process will run quickly. Incase, you think that this one is useful for you, then visit in order to convert files to websites.


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