Ennova Direct Corporation [DBA ION Technologies], has come out with a USB flash drive with OLED display, with its own unique features, most important being the retractable USB connector and an integrated biometric finger print scanner on the OLED screen.

This finger print scanner enables color changing upon the success or failure of each swipe of the finger. The OLED screen has an interactive interface, which allows the user to select specific files and initiate certain functions, without having to go through the computer’s interface.

Cool USB Flash Drive with OLED Display

This might prove to be one of the coolest USB flash drivers till date. You do find other USB flash drivers also, bit this one is definitely unique as it features a built-in cover to protect its OLED screen.

You can save your important files, and by chance you loose it, it cannot be used by anybody else, as the retractor will scan for the right finger print. Though the price is not known, it is to be released in Q1 under the ION technologies brand.

Now, is this not great news!!


  1. @Rads – I bet ! I just was looking at this other post and these days People are doing a lot more than using Flash Drives as alternative memory, something like a portable RAM n stuff !


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