How to Export to or Import the Bookmarks from Firefox to Internet Explorer Favourites

Are you planning to export or to import the bookmarks from your Firefox browser (Version 2 and 3) to your Internet Explorer as Favorites?

Whenever people try to import the bookmarks from Firefox as Internet Explorer Favorites, they come across an error and the action gets terminated. These type of errors have been commonly seen in Internet Explorer version 7 and version 8 (IE8 and IE7).

The main reason why Internet Explorer cannot import the bookmarks of Firefox as IE Favourites is probably because of incompatible protocol. Since the protocol of Internet Explorer is not same as Firefox, the export or import of Bookmarks to IE is not possible.

As we all know, “if there is a will, there is a way”. So if you really want to transfer the bookmarks of Firefox to Internet Explorer’s favourites, there is a way which is given below:

This is a two steps method that should be followed, first step is done in Firefox and the second is in Internet Explorer.

In Firefox:

1> First click on Bookmarks Menu, then you have to select Organize Bookmarks. This will open the Bookmarks Manager or Bookmarks Library
2> If you are using Firefox Version 2, then open the Export Dialog Box by first clicking on File Menu and then Export. Whereas, if you are using Firefox Version 3 then click on Import and Backup option, then select Export HTML and then Export Dialog Box will open
3> The last step in Firefox is to save the HTML file with all the Bookmarks (bookmarks.html), on any location. It will store all the bookmarks that are created in Firefox browser.

In the Internet Explorer:

1> Select the Export and Import option from file menu. If you are using IE8, then select the option Import and Export by clicking on Add Bookmarks.
2> Select the Next option from the Wizard (In IE 8, first choose Import/Export from an address or file, and then click on Next).
3> Choose Import Favourites option, and then click to the next button.
4> From the next window choose Import from an address or file, then select Browse button to find bookmarks.html that you had previously saved from the fire wall. Once it is done then select Next.
5> The last step is to select the Favorites folder as the Favorites destination folder for importing.
6> To complete the entire process you have to click on Finish.

You have now successfully moved the Firefox Bookmarks as Internet Explorer Favorites now.


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