Complete Security of Data with LockCrypt

As internet usage is increasing day by day, security is also becoming a major issue. The amount of data and files that are transferred over the internet are uncountable. Some of these data are classified and private, and needs to be kept safe from being misused by spammers and hackers. Hacking and misusing of files and data over the internet is gradually increasing.

The more we access the internet, the more our data is at risk of being hacked. The best solution for this issue is, LockCrypt. This freeware application helps to protect our confidential and private data. The LockCrypt is an account management program that works by storing the user’s private and important data such as their passwords, serial numbers, account details, and so on. All these details are stored in a secure encrypted form in the central database.

The central database is protected with a safe entry password which is set during the installation time. LockCrypt also provides the users with a strong password for this purpose, in case the user is unable to think of one.

The LockCrypt is multi lingual comprising of languages such as English, Spanish, German, Czech, Chinese, and Italian. The account data that are being secured by this application can be imported or exported through CSV, XML, or plain text format. Users can also print out their account details for storage if required.

If the user at any time uses the copy paste option for logging into accounts then the LockCrypt allows the user to clear the clipboard so that no one else would be able to access the data by again pasting it from the clipboard.

The LockCrypt is built for Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms, but they are now also being introduced Mobile J2ME and Windows Mobile which should be Java enabled phones.

Download the latest version of LockCrypt available on the internet from this link.


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