Create A Shortcut For Aero Flip 3D And Add On Desktop

Microsoft Corp. has integrated Windows Vista and Windows 7 with Windows Aero support and especially a Flip 3D feature in an aero support. Flip 3D is generally a window switcher which switches in between the running windows in appearance of live streaming 3D. There is a shortcut in the Quick Launch Bar with which you can activate Flip3D. You can also activate this feature by just pressing Win + Tab keys.

When the shortcut of “Switch between windows” is misplaced from Quick Launch bar and you want to replace it or if you want to place Flip 3D shortcut on Desktop, you can copy the shortcut of Windows Switcher from the location

%systemdrive%\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch folder

Most of the Windows 7 users don’t want to add shortcut again to Quick Launch bar and would like to add Flip 3D icon to Taskbar. To do so, you can sue the following trick to create a shortcut to activate Flip 3D.

  • Create a shortcut by right-clicking on any blank space desktop. Then select New and then Shortcut

  • In the text box named  as “Type the location of the item”, copy and paste or type manually the following:  %WinDir%\System32\rundll32.exe dwmapi #105

  • Go to Next step by hitting on Next button.
  • In this step, enter any name to this new created shortcut for example Flip 3D.

  • When you done it, hit on Finish button.


You may be uncomfortable with the default icon for the created shortcut which looks pretty awkward. If you want to change the default icon, just right click on that icon and then go to its Properties. Find out the button named as “Change Icon” in Shortcut tab. Click on this button. Hit the “Browse” tab. After that copy and paste the following line into the text box of File name:


One of the available icons will be selected from the windows switching icon list. After the selection, highlight that icon and click on OK button to modify the icon.

  • Now, drag and drop the Flip 3D shortcut anywhere on the desktop, Quick Launch Bar or Windows 7 Taskbar.

As an alternate way to pin the short of Flip 3D shortcut to the Windows 7 Taskbar, just right click on shortcut file and then select Pin to Taskbar option from context menu.


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