Create A Shortcut For IE8 Browser To Open In Inprivate Mode

The new security feature in Internet Explorer 8 is introduced which is known as InPrivate. This application helps the users to identify and control if the browsing history data and cookies plus some other type of data are being saved or not. While browsing is run while enabled InPrivate mode, it will remove all the possible traces of the browsing activities.

When the InPrivate is enabled, the browser will not stop saving any fresh cookies, passwords, from data. It will also stop saving the typed URLs on the address bar. The history information will not be stored, and the temporary Internet files are automatically deleted when you finish the Private Browsing.

With the help of some simple command lines you can change your Internet Explorer shortcut and set it to open in the InPrivate mode.

·         First of all, right-click on desktop and select New then Shortcut

·         The Shortcut window will prompt, type the following line:
“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” –private

·         Hit Next.

·         Give name to the new shortcut as IE8-InPrivate or whichever name you want.

·         Click on Finish button.

You can now start browsing the net privately without anyone else being able to trace your usage activities. 


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