Blue Cat’S Phase is an interesting piece of software which helps you to create different sound effects with your old and new audio recordings. The program is a simulator which can be used to reproduce an old modeled song with the precision of the modern devices. You have the facility to choose one of the 32 levels of phasing and with several combination of the same, the options are huge.

You can also create many combination of your choice apart from the factory presets that can be edited and used. The graphics interface is totally customizable and you can change the views and options according to your needs facilitated by Blue Cat’s Skinning Language support.

The program also has MIDI control capabilities which allows you to use the software with any hardware or software MIDI controller.

The parameter updates are done in real time smoothly in a silent mode. The program itself can be activated and deactivated without any difficulties. The smooth shutdown of the process helps in not having any CPU load in the idle condition.

Blue Cat’S Phaser supports multiple sample rates on various platforms such as Mac-RTAS, Mac-AU, Win-DX, Mac-VST, Win-VST, Win x64-VST, Win x64-DX and Win-RTAS. The importing and exporting of the files can be done in a format which is independent of the host characteristics.

You can download Phaser for all the above mentioned platforms from this link.

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