If you are are a stage person, then you know that presentations are the best option when you want to let others know what you want to share.

The point is, people understand it better when they look at images and bullet points, and by making slide presentations you can communicate in a better and effective way as you can easily integrate images and bullet points in powerpoint presentation.

While many people may be interested in making presentations on topics that they like, they soon get bored of using Microsoft PowerPoint to create their presentations. The main drawback of using PowerPoint is that if we wish to add any picture or video then you first have to save that on our hard disk and only after that can you import it to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Works great for those who want are used to it. But, if you are a new age person, and prefer doing everything online and quick, then you wouldn’t want to download applications for your presentations to your hard disk, instead I’m sure this simple and nice alternative will excite you.

A free to use and simple to access, service known as 280 slides presentation is available on internet.

280 slides presentation is designed in such a way that it gives you the feel of a desktop application to which people are used to.

By using this free presentations service – putting the media rich stuffs like videos and images is really very easy. You don’t need to download any application and all you have to do is simply add all pictures or videos to it. You can share those slides with your friends by mailing them or sharing it with them. You can upload the presentations directly as YouTube videos. Moreover you can even have the presentation offline with you.

Some of the features of 280 slide presentations are:

* Quality presentation themes
* Run slides in your browsers
* Publish presentation online
* Store and take it with you
* Add photos and Movies
* Download to PowerPoint extension

Take the advantage of this free service and start innovating with your work and sharing it with the world.

Visit 280 Slides


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