Create Backup Of Web Browser Settings Using Favbackup

Creating backup of all important files and data is the best way to keep the secured data from being lost or damaged. Mostly users backup their files and data in order to recover them when needed via various backup programs such as CopyChangedFiles and JaBack. Do you think that backup of web browser is essential? Since there are several applications for creating backup files, but backup web browser is different from common method of restoring files and folders.

Backup web browser settings allows you to recover your bookmarks, extensions, plug-in data, thumbnails, history, frequently visited sites etc while you have formatted your computer. There is an innovative application named FavBackup, which allows you to access backup your web browser settings and other important data, so that you can restore them easily whenever it is required.


It is a standalone application that doesn’t require any installation, rather runs on the executing the file directly of your system. Additionally, it is available to download for free. Presently, it supports only five web browsers namely IE 6-8, Firefox 2-3.5, Opera 3-4, and Google Chrome 1-3 version.


  • Initially, you have to download executable file of FavBackup on your system and run.
  • Click on the backup option followed by web browser type.
  • You will be prompted to select your desired files and data from the various options to add in backup list.
  • Now select the folders where you will intend to store or save backup files.
  • Once the backing up process completed, you will be shown a green check sign beside each items that you have selected for creating backup.

FavBackup version 1.1.2 supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and completely free to download and use.  It only consumes 3.3 MB space of your hard disk. Finally, if you find it useful, download it from here.



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