Emailing Task Made Easier With Contact Grouping

On certain occasions, you might need to share some information with specific sets of people. For example, you may have to share a circular with your colleagues or you might have to send electronic brochures to clients to keep them updated about your latest products.

It is quite bothersome and tedious to send an email to a set of people individually. Sometimes, you might forget one or two individuals in the list which could later end up into a big problem. But if you happen to be a Gmail user, you can refrain yourself from such emailing errors by grouping all the intended recipients in a single set using the “Contact Groups” utility.

By doing this you can send emails to specific groups directly and don’t need to waste time on emailing the recipients individually. With the latest Gmail interface, it is quite easy to create contact groups, especially if you are using the latest Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

You just need to follow some simple steps mentioned below to create your contact group.

1. Go through the left navigation list and click on “Contacts” item.

2. Click on “group” item for creating a new group

Send group emails in gmail
3. Enter the text in the prompted message box so as to name your group.
Send group emails in gmail

4. After creating the group, you need to add members from your list of contacts to the group. Group members can also be added by clicking on a particular group name and typing the names or email addresses into the search box that shows at the base of the center pane.

Send group emails in gmail

Contact grouping definitely makes your emailing job more convenient, easier and error free. You also save a huge amount of time. Moreover, each time you send an email to a specific group, all the group members will get your email without a single intended recipient being overlooked.


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