Create Email Account And Receive Mail For Postmaster Or Abuse In Google Apps

Whenever we are making an account of a new user in Google Apps, we get a service from Google so that we can use custom domain names on several Google products which include Gmail, where in email lists a username is kept reserved – this error message is shown when administrator is adding abuse or postmaster as his account username.

The error message we are getting is actually not an error; merely this sort of behavior is designed from Google Apps. It sends email messages just as abuse in default configuration (i.e. [email protected]) as well as in case of postmaster it will be as (i.e. to the Google Team. It is done for managing the spam reports by monitoring, technical and abuse issues, and they are addressed accordingly.

Hence, abuse as well as postmaster is allotted in reserved aliases therefore it cannot be implemented as usernames and nicknames.

To create an email list for Google Apps for receiving mail messages that have been sent to abuse as well as postmaster users the following instructions should be followed.

At first log in into your control panel. Then click user accounts. After that create email list. Then enter abuse from the list that you are provided in the box , and choose a name that is to be used for your new email list.

After that add recipients by just entering usernames or maybe email addresses one after another in the box that is below add a recipient. Lastly, click ‘add recipient’ option after each username have been entered.


  1. I can not operate things like app store and facetime because the message I get is always that my my password or apple id is incorrect but when I go to gmail both are correct. What is happening and what should I do about it?


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