Rich Chart Live is a freeware online web service that creates extremely innovative and interactive charts. It allows you to optimize its inbuilt advanced features to generate captivating charts supported by visuals and audios. Using this application, you can easily import the data from a spreadsheet and use it in your online chart. Further, you can forward the URL address of this chart or simply embed it on your blog or website.

To optimize the utilities of this application, all you need to do is simply visit its official site. To access this application you need no further downloads or software downloads. You can access this application from any browser in any system supporting Flash, Linux, Windows, and Mac etc. It offers some of the most visually beautiful chart formats that help readers to quickly get the grasp of your presentation. You can present your information in form of Column, Area, Bar, Pie Line and Doughnut. You also get a huge variety in animated backgrounds to choose from.

Using Rich Chart Live, you can easily publish charts in Macromedia Flash Formats. This format can be universally comprehended by over 98 % of web users. By adding these charts to your power point presentations you can easily produce compelling and impactful presentations. You can simply access most of the features of this application at the power of your mouse’s click. Rich Chart Live also provides you with a wide range in templates and layouts to help you present your information in the best possible way.

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