If you are looking for a free solution to create flowcharts, workflows online, then Gliffy is the service you should go for. There are a lot of desktop applications which actually have more features (ex: Dia), but the advantage Gliffy has over Dia is that a useris not required to download or install any software on his system. A perfect solution, if you are away from your day-to-day use computer and have to create a quick workflow or flowchart.

Gliffy is one of the most used web services which well-equips users to create and share diagrams via online methods. Gliffy is the unique software adept in edit and sharing illustrations with peers and colleagues. The number of possibilities wherein Gliffy renders its expertise in creating technical diagrams is countless. Some of the possibilities include, network diagrams, Mind Maps, Wire Frames, Work flows, Seating Charts, Landscape Designs, User Interfaces and Methodologies. While working with Gliffy, you get the same functionality and performance of desktop software without the actual need of installing or maintaining anything. The advantage of using Gliffy is that you can access the enhanced and latest version in Gliffy every time you launch Gliffy in your browser.

To run Gliffy, you need a browser equipped with Macromedia Flash 7. With Gliffy, you can easily edit and correct diagrams within the wiki pages as well.  It has some of the most innovative features that can fire your imagination to the hilt. Some of the features like document manager, shape alignment, drawing area, et al help users to completely edit and re-design the look of a previous existing figure or create an innovative figure of your own. Gliffy provides a huge variety in shapes and easy-to access interfaces that enables users to simply drag, drop and then click your path to make a diagram. To further enhance your diagram for an authentic appeal, you can simply import a logo or a picture from your existing saved files and personalize your diagrams easily.

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  1. I use Creately to draw flowcharts and various other diagrams. Compared to Gliffy they have the offline drawing ability using their desktop version. Additionally they have real-time collaboration, which is awesome if you need visuals that can be edited in an online meeting.

  2. Thanks for your review and compliments of Gliffy! We appreciate it. Let us know if there are features or usability you’d like to see us incorporate.
    Debi K


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