Mailing lists are a great way to keep in touch with groups of people. Unfortunately, creating a new mailing list isn’t always easy. For small groups, like family, friends, or a sports team, we often resort to long reply-all chains rather than taking the time to set up a list. Fiesta ( is a new service that aims to change that, by making it super simple to create mailing lists.

To create a list using fiesta, just send an email to the members of your list and CC the name you’d like to use. For example, to create alist for your family, send an email to the group and CC [email protected]. For your soccer team, use [email protected] instead -you can use any list name you want. The list will be created as soonas you send your email, but you’re able to add or remove members atany time.

The really cool thing is that fiesta ties the name of your list to the sending address. That means that you don’t need to worry aboutregistering a unique list name – your [email protected] list is different than everyone else’s [email protected] list.

This service isn’t great for one-to-many lists, as any member of the group is able to send mail to the list. It’s perfect for private group communication, though, like for families, sports teams, clubs, or businesses.


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