If you want to create organization charts for companies online, for free then visit CogMap.

CogMap is a user-friendly internet service that allows users to draft, edit and manage corporate structures from its bank of varied online structures. CogMap is popularly known as the “Wikipedia of organization charts” with a pool of précised and appealing applications in combination with the traditional concept of wiki with organization charts.

CogMap is a tool predominantly used by recruiters, sales people and entrepreneurs to assist them in understanding their organization and keep updating it with the latest developments. CogMap is an asset to large companies who have needs to save all the imperative information like details of recruiters, details of board of directors, policies at one place. With a speaker appointed to illustrate the details on the organization chart, recruiters can be easily acquainted with their new company. In fact, these organization charts are immensely used during meetings and other get-togethers of company’s heads.

With a simple and clear interface, the users can easily design an organization chart with CogMap any where and anytime. In a usual organization chart drawn the help of CogMap, one would find details like name of employees, contact information, title, email address and additional comments, if any. CogMap is nowadays popularly used to draw family trees, basic networks / acquaintances and political structures, besides usual corporate charts. However, since they are very easy to access, any one can simply drag and drop the details and play around with the accurate positions. Therefore, the accuracy of the information in these charts is always a matter of doubt.

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