ThinkFree Online is a freeware office suite offered by Microsoft available within your web browser. This application helps users to create power point presentations, word documents and spreadsheets online. Optimization of this application is an ideal solution for professionals who commute everyday to reach their work stations or attend to their distant clients.

ThinkFree Online is by all fair means one of the most efficient utility driven applications loaded with essential features like Write ( word processor) , show (presentation program), Calc (spreadsheet), Note (blog editor) and WYSIWYG HTML. This multi-utility application encompasses the main highlights of programs like Microsoft Office, Power Point and Excel which makes it an easy use even by novice users. With this application you get a storage space of 1GB which is quite enough to store numerous large sized and medium sized files. This application easily allows you to connect with other system users on your important documents which you can further put to share on your website, blog or a social networking site.

If ThinkFree Online is installed in your system, there won’t be any chance of data leak or loss owing to the protective data storage means offered by this application. You can further access your online stored files from any random system located at any part of the world. While traveling in a plane, you can easily disconnect from internet without having to loose your work. In fact, with this application, you can continue working without a validated internet connection as well. You can further share your documents to other users optimizing this application on their system.

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