Password Chart – A Useful Tool To Create Strong Passwords

We all are aware of the importance of password in opening or accessing any personal information which is stored in online accounts or a computer. Password is a very important key that proficiently guards our private data. It is noticed that there is still a lack of awareness towards creation and management of this highly confidential tool among computer users.

Most of the people create simple passwords which are normally easy to remember, For E.g. birthday, daughter’s name, car number etc. Some maintain a master file in which they keep a record of all the confidential passwords.And there are password manager to save all your passwords and use them as per your need.

Although this seems to be a convenient and easier technique of remembering and managing passwords, users need to remember the fact that the threat of passwords being hacked is equally high. A number of malicious users and criminal hackers try to steal confidential information by cracking passwords. Many a times, the users take too long to even realize the attack.

Creating a secure password and managing it with utmost care is very important to decrease the risk of password hacking. Length of the password is highly significant. The longer the password the stronger it is. Using a combination of numbers, symbols and letter to create a password is always better.

You may also use phrases or words to frame your password. These phrases or words should be simple for you to memorize whereas tricky for the rest to guess. Just creating a tough password does not serve the purpose. Another important thing that you need to remember is to frequently change your password.

Some people believe that the task of creating a truly strong password is quite tiresome and time consuming. Several password management tools are present in the market which can efficiently assist such users. Users can consider the helpful “Password Chart”, as one of the practical password management tools for creating a secure password.

The Password Chart helps you create your strong password free of cost. To get going with this great Password Chart, you need to enter a phrase and create your personal password chart. It allows you to subsequently build a stronger password by entering your preferred password. In this way, you can use that stronger password for operating your account.

The passwords generated by Password Chart are highly secure. If you are concerned that you may forget the phrase which you entered to create your password chart, you may as well take a print out of the chart for future reference.

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Password chart along with password manager is the best combination to create strong and secure passwords and remember it without forgetting them.


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