VirtualBox Open Source Edition is freeware software, released under the GPL, dedicated at creating a virtual operating system within the single working hard ware.  This means that with the means of this software, you can easily create a virtual computer within the existing windows. This software is mostly optimized by users who wish to experiment with the efficiency of new software without damaging or causing any affect on the existing real windows and hard drive of their computer.

VirtualBox Open Source Edition is available to users with its thorough source code. The features of this open source edition are similar to the features of the whole package of the virtual box, except for a few exceptions that are designed to target the enterprise customers.

Religiously followed as a practice, most of the giant software companies first test the results and efficiency of the new software released by Microsoft, before deploying them on their existing system. This is done to offer protection and security to their system, lest the patches of the new software affects or damages the existing software in their system. The efficacies of the new software are tested on various hardware and software by the Research and Development department of every software company. However, sometimes, when the company runs low on free computers and hardware, the means of Virtual Box Open source edition are optimized.  Since this software provides provisions for experimenting with new software on a virtual computer, running on the same hard drive, there are no chances of affecting their existing system, howsoever.

[ Download VirtualBox Open Source Edition ]


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