Create your Stylish Icons of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux using iConvert Tool

Whenever you start your computer, it displays the usual icons on your desktop. Mostly users get bored with these common icons, and they intend to create new stylish and personalized icons.

How will you be able to personalize your icons for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X?  There is no need to worry because iConvert conversion tool is the best solution, which allows users to convert their digital image to icons. Users can expand their collection of icons using this conversion tool.

It is a completely free web based converter tool, however it is totally different from other web based image to icons converter tools. Unlike other web based converters that convert only Windows icons, iConvert converts and creates icons for Mac OS X and Linux as well.

It is quite simple to use, as the users just have to go to iConvert and browse image files that need to be converted in .ico files. Users can upload multiple image formats such as svg, tif, jpg, png, gif, cur, and bmp. 

It takes only few minutes to convert image to icons and generate links from where users can download icons directly. If you happen to make any mistakes, iConvert tool will inform you instantly. You can easily create your own personalized icons for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux using iConvert conversion tool.



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