So you want to share your internet connection among all the computers in your wireless network spread over two floors. Here are ways and means on how to set up this wireless network and use smart hardware gadgets to ensure that the signal travels over two or four floors and enables your wireless network to be really WIRELESS.

Wireless routers

A router is a device whose task is to move information from one computer to another in the same network or sometimes even move data between networks. In a typical home scenario explained above, a router could transfer data from your computer to the internet and vice versa. This is one of the basic methods to share an internet connection with all the computers at your home.

The wireless router often referred to as the WLAN router is equipped with an antenna to glean waves from all the nodes of your wireless network and act as a hub. Though completely wireless, the router also has ports for wired connections. This is where the DSL internet is connected to. The router will receive data from internet and move it to the relevant computer on its network.

The router acts as the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server by assigning IP address to network nodes. In effect your router is the one-window clearing agency between the internet service provider and your network. The internet service provider sees only the router and not the nodes in the network.

It is easy to set up a Wireless Router. The easiest way is to physically link the router to the DSL or cable modem through a LAN cable. The cable should be plugged into the WAN port or the LAN port depending on whether you are using a wide or local area network. Every manufacturer prints detailed and user-friendly instructions on the packaging of the router to enable end-users to install these devices themselves.

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