Creating Backup For Your Deleted Desktop Icons

Displaying many icons on the desktop might lead to system crash, failure, sometimes also results in icons getting deleted. Every user remembers location of few frequently used programs or software’s, and accesses them from the same location.

If few icons get deleted without your knowledge, then automatically all the other icons rearrange themselves. This causes inconvenience and discomfort to the user in using the icons for a while. To overcome this problem install a software called iconrestorer. This is a freeware which will create a backup for all your icons on the desktop and restore them for future use.

Iconrestorer software helps in creating a backup for all you icons and shortcuts available on your desktop. This software monitors the order in which they are arranged. It also helps in restoring few icons deleted from the desktop because of its backup facility.

The primary features of the iconrestorer are as follows:

  • Tracks and records every single icon with differing screen resolution.
  • Creates separate backing options for every computer-screen resolution.
  • Manages color schemes.
  • Software gets automatically updated.
  • Many other features are included to help a user in managing and displaying their icons.

Download this iconrestorer software to enjoy hassle free management and restoration of your shortcuts and icons on desktop.


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